I'm going to guess the second, since the Epi has a 'slim tapered' neck
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There's no such thing as a simple Epiphone or Gibson neck thickness, they're all different. Gibson Standards can come with 50s, 60s or asymmetrical necks and Epiphones come with 50s, 60s slim taper or their own D-shape. Some necks are only on certain models from certain years. So you can't really compare like this. If you tried an Epiphone that you liked you're best off just buying that.

If you insist on buyign an agile though then get the first one. The slim neck on the second one is almost like an Ibanez wizard neck which is much much thinner than any Epiphone neck.
Agreed with above. The Agile slim neck is exceptionally thin, much smaller than any Gibson production model has ever been. The regular Agile neck seems like it's modeled after the 60s style Gibson neck.
61 fender strat necks feel really les paul style.
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why don't you get the epi if you liked it that much ?

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why don't you get the epi if you liked it that much ?

The above is most likely sarcasm, so fuck yourself if you're offended.
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