This infestation has gone too far
Further demoralizing humanity
There's no need to mitigate these repercussions
Or condescend to the popular vote
Did the remuneration overtake your mind
Or was it your honest opinion
May this bleak darkness conform to your being
And shadow you all of your days

May we burn this city of sin
And rid the recreants
Of their given thrones?
Can we capture the fugitives
And stuff their faces
Full of stones?

Another step into dehumanization
Of this nation we call home
This faux pas with all of its flaws
Will leave us desolate and appalled

Your immunity to punishment won't be prolonged
Your viral corruption won't save you at all

When you have fallen we will kick
Beat you with sticks and stones
For this is what we were made to believe in
We will overturn your throne!

And when we're standing in the wasteland left
Walking through the shadows of death
We will cast our curses forth
We will remember our wrath
This was intended to be metal, the cursing is intended to be in a breakdown, the cursing stays to make plain and evident the message of the song.