My name is Marco and I'm a professional drummer from Berlin.

I'm looking for people who need drums (live or programmed) on their recordings!

I completed my studies as studio drummer and I've got my own space where I can record.

Usually I use Audacity for recording and Ableton Live for mixing and editing.

For more infos like prices, equipment and examples please go on:



Marco Mazzai
I don't think anyone is going to take you seriously if you use audacity.
Try reaper, it's free (for the most part) and is better all around
My Soundcloud dudes
Recording gear:
Yahama Hs8
Saffire Pro 40
Shure Sm57
Shure Sm7b

Guitar gear :
Ebmm BFR7
Axe fx XL+
Walrus audio Janus
Ibanez Ergodyne
Black Market Custom cab
Hey dude. I'm currently in an online band called Spark A Riot and funnily enough we're in need of a drummer. If you're interested definitely get in touch. My email is iamlucasc@hotmail.com Hope to hear from ya dude
Ive heard of those Spark a Riot guys from youtube and facebook. They are pretty good!