Hey all, so I mainly play hard rock (GN'R, Led Zep, AC/DC etc.) that sort of stuff, but recently I've been getting into thrash a bit more, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer etc. and decided that maybe I should get a guitar specifically suited to that style of music, I was looking at Schecter Hellraisers, what are the general consensus of these? I've narrowed it down to a KH-602 or a Schecter Hellraiser. Any advice or input would be appreciated. I used to own a Dave Mustaine VMNT1, and it was a nice guitar but I couldn't deal with the V shape - it felt awkward and uncomfortable to play. The guitars I own now are a Gibson LP Studio, a Gibson SG 60's Tribute and a Fender Strat.

Thanks guys!
Wow that's a lot of guitars...anyway, take a look at ESP, from what i've heard they're quite close to Gibsons but with more of a Metal edge on the whole, and versatile enough.
Schecter is a great make but they might be less hard rock orientated, you really need to try some out first hand to get a better idea though
Well like I said, I think I've got the hard rock covered with the Gibson's, this one would primarily be for metal and shred solos, IE Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc.

Thanks for your help!
depends on whether or not you like active electronics or not, but ESP guitars are amazing IMO. Not to mention most of the bands that you listed use active electronics and Metallica are even endorsed by ESP. That being said, it is honestly whatever you truly feel comfortable with. SInce you own Gibsons I recommend ESP, their necks will be somewhat similar. However, Jackson and Ibanez necks are very fast and allow for more shredding. Granted you should be able to "shred" on any guitar, it just depends on how comfortable you are with that neck. Price wise though go for ESP.
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I would recommend Ibanez or Jackson guitars; they tend to be better quality than other shred-oriented guitar brands.
From my experience, i would consider going for LTD, Jackson, Schector and Ibanez.

But don't completly rule out other brands though. Many other brands do great metal guitars and the most obvious choice to go for might not nessesarily be the best one for you. Judge a guitar on playing the guitar, rather than the brand. I found that out from experience by playing a couple of high end Epiphones.
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The guitar you can shred on is the guitar that is most comfortable in your hands. End of argument. If that guitar doesn't "sound" shred, just change the pickups.

If you're going for guitars that "look" shred, the usual suspects are ESP M, Ibanez RG, and most Jackson models.
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Those are both great guitars for shred, just go play them and find out which you like more. I'm inclined to recommend the LTD all things being equal, though.

Everyone's mentioned the other classic shredders: Ibanez, Jackson, ESP/LTD, Hamer, Charvel, Schecter, are all great options. Also look into the artist signature PRS SE guitars, they make a few metal/shred guitars that are top notch on a budget. Don't forget about Agile guitars too, although you'll practically never have a chance to test play those...
ESP/LTD, Ibanez and Music Man are what I recommend for Shred.
And Telecaster.

JK about last one.
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what's your budget?
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