So my tele's great and all, but the pickups just aren't what I want..

The problems I have with them, are that they've not got anywhere near enough output, they're way too noisy and they're quite muddy too.

The styles I play are mainly pop-punk (Paramore, New Found Glory, etc) and metal (Trivium, Machine Head, Alter Bridge). So I'd prefer to have the single coil sized humbuckers.

I've been looking at Di Marzio's and they seem pretty good, mainly the True Velvet neck and the Tone Zone and Chopper bridge. My budget is no more than 70GBP for each pickup.

So, what are your suggestions guys?
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Do you need the Tele to really do that all? Like, you've got the Jackson too and it suits metal well.. Although, Teles suit metal well too, cause whenever I think Tele+Metal, Jari Mäenpää always pops to mind. I wouldn't even get any other style neck pup for a Tele than what it has.
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Me, i love strats and i had the same problem, how can you play Blind Guardian in a strat, "Crazy!"they called me. My sugestion... go active!!!!! Put some EMGs in your tele, you wont regret it.