Apparently manuals are worthless for this kind of thing and the signal flow chart appears to not be very helpful either.

I have a GK-600 head, and an Acoustic B115 cab.

The head has a marking on the back which surrounds the two outputs and says "300 Watt Amp Only". My B115 is rated at 250W @ 8ohms.

The manual for the GK specifies minimum output speaker loads at 300W@4ohms, and 180W@8ohms, but affirms that you should only run one of the following configurations: 1 8ohm cab, 1 4ohm cab, or 2 8ohm cabs.

Now again, my cab is 250W at 8ohms, so it falls above the minimum speaker load, but the question is that there's 2 inputs, and two outputs and....? I get the idea that plugging both head outputs into both speaker inputs is asking for a metric ****ton of problems...but the idea sounds so awful that it almost makes sense to do it.

2 inputs 2 outputs
double the power
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Those inputs and outputs should both be parallel, meaning you don't need to worry until you start plugging in two things. I'm almost positive that'll be how its set up, but maybe give a minute for someone to come in and confirm for me as I'm not that familiar with bass amps.

Oh wait, are you asking how it should be set up or if you can do the two wire thing? If its the first then as I said above just one output to one input and leave the others alone (assuming I'm correct and they're parallel jacks.) If its the second then no, just don't do it.
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