have a js100 satriani ibanez

it sits around alot in the case

i guess it got too cold for a while

i pulled it out, and when i used the whammy it squeeked like a bad car shock

can i just wd-40 the springs or ... .
great, ya some ppl just said dont use WD40 it'll ruin the coat but im not gonna like soak the guitar in it
just spray some on a rag and rub it in

not sure where would i find sewing machine oil anyways :p

i felt bad neglecting my guitar
The guys over at Kramer Forum use WD-40 to soak and clean their old 80's German OFR's and what better place to know about Floyds then a forum about a company who had the exclusive rights and introduced them in the 80's
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WD-40 is a penetrating fluid, not a lubricant. It's for something that is stuck by a chemical bond, ie rusty parts. Use a small amount of oil on the thread. I've even used cooking oil for this very purpose. Blot some on a paper towel on rub it in the thread of the trem bar.
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