Background - Unemplyed, applied to a retail job that didn't have company name or much in the way of description but thought 'It'll be okay they're not likely to call back anyway'. About an hour later I got a call from someone from the company and they sent me an e-mail with an address and directions.
So I typed the company name into Google and the third website that came up was 'Job Scams - Fast Track Acquisitions'. It was some people on a forum talking about how their isn't a minimum wage and it's actually a self employed job door to door salesman 'position', they take a cut out of anything you make, they cut money to pay for your 'training' and sound like they treat their employee's badly as well.
The interview is tomorrow and while I would like a job I'm not desperate enough for the money or one that seems this dodgy (living at home still).

TL;DR: An interview with a company that sounds dodgy as shit but I only have a few online sites to back this up?

Should I go? And does anyone else have any experience of jobs like this?
Go, get a job description, see if it sounds like your thing. If they offer the job, accept or decline.
Just go to the interview, if it still seems dodgy just don't accept the possition.

I'd definatly check it out first though, you never know.
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I heard of a pretty similar scam for students where they say you can go on a work placement abroad but again it is just door to door sales.

If you are very concerned, bring someone else to the interview (not actually in, just with you outside) and ask them about the job at the interview. Check all contracts in detail. They can't just illegally make you work for nothing, so check every part of the contract.
If they won't give you a proper job description then it's likely that it's sketchy. I think I got contacted by this company when I was looking for jobs and I just ignored them, there's a few really dodgy ones about.
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Thanks for the input guys, looking through their website, it's filled with pictures of buildings not in Sheffield. Hopefully I'll have the balls to actually say know if it is dodgy and they offer it to me.
THe only reason they don't tell you the whole shebang is that they get you in the interview, and tell you it all there, and trust me, they'll tell you things that you don't want to hear. Avoid.
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If they make you buy the product you're selling or pay for training, it's a scam. Real jobs train you and provide you with your supplies.
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