Hello folks,

I've been luring around this site ever since I started playing guitar about 4 years ago. Around that time I purchased my first and only electric guitar yet: a Washburn X-10.
Now I've had little problems with this guitar considering it's a low-budget guitar (you may say a 'beginner guitar').
The problems I do have:

There occurs a fret buzz on the second fret on the d-string
A sort of fret buzz occurs when i bend my 7th fret on my high e-string a full note up

I'm not entirely happy with my pickups (especially my neck pick up), they sound quite good in distortion though, I just don't think they're that bright clean.
Also they produce an awful amount of background noise when not set to my humbucker or bridge+middle position. I know it's normal that two coils may reduce noise, but the difference is just insane, making the other position useless.

My guitar tends to get out of tune quite soon.

The fret buzzes just came with years of playing, not really a setting-issue. I've got no idea exactly what is causing my guitar to go out of tune so fast though.

So, I've been thinking about getting a new guitar for months now though I'm not entirely fond of the idea since I like the idea of 'upgrading' my guitar.

Things I consider having done/installed to my guitar:
New tuners, I've got no idea on which one to choose from.
New pickups, I'm thinking a EMG 81/85 for the humbucker though I've got no idea what to switch my singe coils with (my guitar is a HSS)
I'm also considering having my frets flattened to remove the buzzes.
Maybe a new bridge, considering this may also be a factor that's causing my guitar to go out of tune.

So yeah, this all together might cost me about 300$ or even more. This is about double what I payed from my guitar at first, so it's obvious I'm in doubt of doing this. I guess I could also save my money up and buy a new guitar (or second-hand).

I was hoping I could get some info from you guys on the upgrading part and some advice on the upgrading versus new guitar part.

Thanks in advance
Yeah.... unless you love this guitar, or like, some special memory with it like, having sex for the first time with it in the bed or something, just trash it. Keep the body, but the rest I would even deal with. Save up a little bit and get a used Fender.
The above is most likely sarcasm, so fuck yourself if you're offended.
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If the guitar's still completely stock, you might be able to make drastic improvements without spending nearly that much. A decent setup should eliminate the buzz, help with the tuning and improve the sound quality. Maybe consider getting it shielded to reduce the noise?
Given that it's a cheap guitar, it might not be worth putting so much new hardware in it, so if you can't/don't want to spend cash getting it set up look for a nice used bargain IMO brand new guitars are rarely worth getting if you can get something similar used
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