Hi there! I'm a new member to these forums and this is my first post, So Hi. :]

A while back, when I just started playing, my first guitar was an Acoustic EKO. The model is an 'AW-N'. If anybody knows anything, or has any information about this guitar, I'd really appreciate it.

I still have it, and play it now and then. A friend told me these guitars are very rare, and from not being able to find out 'anything' about this model, I have no reason to doubt that. I have no intention of selling it right now, but does anybody have an idea of how much it could be worth?

It's in good condition, the action is quite high and I can't seem to fix this, other than wedging a few pieces of folded paper under the bottom of the fretboard. Although, in time this has caused the wood itself above the soundhole to bend...
Other than that there's a few scrapes, one at the top of the neck and another to the right of the soundhole where I dropped it in Kenya...

The person who gave it to me first had this guitar when she was maybe just in her teens, that was in the 60's. I'm not sure if she herself got the guitar second hand, but I wouldn't be surprised. This guitar could be 40-50+ years old?
I have no idea in which years it was produced.

If you'd like some photos I can upload them, there aren't any on the internet as far as I've looked.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I believe these guitars where made in Italy from about the 1960s. One of my mates has one, and for all the abuse its had, it plays really well. I don't believe they are that rare although certain models probably are. I see them quite often come up on Trademe ( like your Ebay). Pictures are always good. Cheers