So I'm looking for this kinda sound;


Now I've heard quite some people saying Prince uses boss effects. Though, whenever I tried boss pedals I couldnt even get NEAR this sound. Could it be the set up of the pedals, or does his sound just sound so awesome because of the guitar/amp.

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Pedals alone won't come close to emulating his sound. You have to keep in mind amp, guitar, signal chain, and any modifications of those. A Peavey's not a Mesa Boogie/whatever, and while he uses Strats, he has a bunch of other guitars. (Think what Hendrix would sound like playing an EMG-loaded ESP through a Splawn) Also keep in mind that since he's so well-regarded, he could get any trivial nuance adjusted to his precise specifications.

It's not much, but it's all I got. Also, kudos for liking Prince.
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Prince's sound comes from being Prince. On a video I watched a while ago of some guy giving a tutorial on how to play Eruption, he said "Give Eddie Van Halen any old electric and any amp, and it'll still sound like Eddie Van Halen."
If you're looking for a pedal to get you close, try something like a Way Huge Fuzz (Swollen Pickle), EHX or Dulop fuzz. To get closer its probably the amp. If you've got a well built amp that's built for blues classic rock, turn your gain all the way up. Essentially that's what a fuzz pedal emulates. I do agree though, players like Prince sound the way they do because of how they play. Gear might get you close ish, but a lot is how you play. Good luck dude!