Hello, i'd like some advice (no duh xD).

I'd like to know what would be the best move to make in my current situation. I currently own an Ibanez GRG70DX and a Lindo Electro-Acoustic guitar and an old-ish Soundking 20watt (on loan from my uncle in university).

Now, i play alot of rock/metal songs, but my band are asking me to play increasingly more indie feeling songs. For example White stripes, RHCP and a few others. Would it be a better move to look for a new guitar to suit this style (Along the lines of a squier telecaster (as i'm setting myself a low-ish £250 budget at the minute - i could always save if needs be - it's not an urgency). Or would it be a better move to look for a new amplifer in place of my uncles, which can accomodate these styles? And if so, any decent suggestions of amps that could be useful? For example, Line 6 Spider IV15?

Extra Information can be given if needed. Oh and i live in the UK.

Thanks in advance .
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it's really up to you- ideally you'd want a new amp and guitar, but that's not going to happen with £250. avoid the spiders, too.
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