Ever heard of this bass? Theres one in my local pawn shop and its in okay condition for pretty cheap. Thinking of picking it up and making it a mod bass. Its got some great specs. Active, neck thru, cool shape. It seem like a solid, good sounding bass, albeit lacking on the high end. The electronics are obviously poor quality for being such a cheap bass, but I plan to upgrade it. If this works out, I may finally get up enough motivation to actually do that UROTM that I Pm'd Fleajr about.
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Can't say I've seen this one, but in my experience, Samicks are pretty solid. My sister has a Greg Bennitt guitar, and other than the action (easy fix) it is an excellent guitar, and she definitely got her money's worth out of it. So, seeing as you plan to make it a mod bass, I'd say that this one would be good to use! I'd say to go for it... Unless someone else has some differing knowledge on this model...
Same as above, I have no idea about the particyular model, but I have a Samick GB Tele-style guitar, and for the price, it's astonishing.
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I personally haven't played this one, although I have played a Delta (which was nice), and I also own an Avion guitar. From my experience, they're great for their prices, maybe even a little to great :P Like I said though, I haven't tried this one out (and I don't think I'd want to, doesn't appeal to my taste in sense of style), but if it's anything like the others I've tried, it should be great.
Cool, cool. Well Its got a few scratches on it. They dont bother me... I call them haggling points. And Im hoping I can get it for under 85 bucks. Looks to have a solid bridge and tuners. Action is a bit high, but very easy to fix. New pups, electronics, and strings, and I just may have an incredibly quality backup.
Gotta wit till I get a job and I sell some things on CL before I actually shell out for it, though.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
I have a Samick 4-string bass and have actually used Samick for several years. I repeatedly look for these guitars because they are so solid. Samick makes guitars for Yamaha, Gibson, etc., and so the actual "Samick" self brand are pretty good for the price. As I said before, I buy Samick a lot. Excellent guitars.
I got a Samick that I plan on upgrading as well because my mom found one for $20 at a garage sale. Unfortuantly that link you posted doesn't want to show up on my computer. But they are solid.
Kinda reminds me of a Warwick Vampyre. If you can get it for that cheap and need another bass I'd say go for it. Plus modding cheap basses is always fun.