The song is called "When Gravity Stops", and it's at the top of my profile.


I know it's far from perfect, and I'm open to any thoughts or ideas you guys have that would improve it. I already know that I get off time in a few patches, so there are probably plenty else that I could fix.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Oh, and of course C4C

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I like the song, it's really mellow, though the change to the more upbeat part sounds kind of off at first, though I love that part once it all settles in, definately a highlight of the song for me.

Your voice really fits this style of music as well.

Overall it's really good, just a few parts that are off time which you already menitoned that you were aware of, great song. ^^
the nice and mellow feeling sounds very good after a very metal-packed day haha
the guitar tone is perfect, there are not noticeable mistakes and the sound is very clean.
the singing sounds awesome too, and once it reaches 2:00ish, i hits an awesome section that reminds me of coldplay alot. lyrics were interesting and pretty original too.
overall, awesome acoustic song, definitely should be band of your setlist if you gig- will pull chicks and get fans easily haha.

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