On the whole it has a good intro if not a bit slow. Vocals need alot of work at the moment, however you have a good singer combo. Bass is a bit simplistic but thats not too bad. Overall the chrous needs alot of work. My favourite parts of the demo are the verses. The guitar 'solo' section seems a bit pointless, no offence but with being that simple (the same main riff sound with an end adaptation). Outro lasts approximately right length, with a few adjustments on guitar the solo and outro could shine even more. With the chorus I think its mainly vocals that need adjusting.
On the whole I like it! Just needs those few minor adaptations before being properly recorded.

EDIT: Whats the point in joining a band if you dont enjoy it! If you dont enjoy it to start with its the biggest mistake you could do as its just a slippery slope downhill from there.
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I think if you guys practice like the first guy and get everything tight. Take this song to a producer, you could really have something. I think with time and practice you guys could really have something great! Keep at it! :] I like the song in all honesty. It just needs tightening up like the second guy said.

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As far as indie bands go I think you guys have alright talent, hidden beneath bad genre cliches that you bring on yourself. Just a quick recording tip, adding a little comp to the vocals would help a lot. Anyway I'd love to see what you could with a producer to guide you. And if you have the time a crit on my solo project would be appreciated https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1499424
I think the band is ok, I think you need to work on adding more dynamics musically, so it makes listening more interesting But like others have expressed keep going as a band and experiment and I think you could go from ok to pretty damn good quickly.