That's pretty sweet man. Everything's so tight, and with great production.

Can't help with genre though, I suck with them
Thanks! :]
The guy we record with is a genius. Glad you like it:]
I'll edit the OP and put a link to our Facebook page if you want to 'like' us!
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Alternative Rock. Is what I would cast it under. Sounds good though. Is that all live instruments? The drums sound artificial to my ears.
I do like you. Don't have Facebook though I'm afraid.

... I'd like to point out that I don't think that makes me cool.

Although I am
Tyler; They're all live. My drummer laid down those tracks in like 45 mins tops. He's a godsend, I swear.

Whoomit; Thanks for the feedback man.
Have you got any more songs recorded?

I checked through your SoundCloud and that's the only one that said TC4E! after it.
Wouldn't mind downloading a few tracks
Top production fella. As for musical style it falls under, I wouldn't know that sorry. =(
Everything has gone down well though, drums are perfect and guitars are tight as feck, I can't pick out the bass to well but that maybe cause it's synced up so well.
Good job guys look forward to hearing more.
Vfor; Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot to me. I don't have the chance quite yet to listen to yours but when I get home I will. Don't let me forget.

Whoomit; That's the only song that has been recorded while I have been in the band, I just joined as the new frontman about a month ago, though they do have old songs recorded with their old singer if you're interested I can send you them through email. The rest of the songs on my soundcloud are just my acoustic music that I've written by myself.

Indy_Fire; Thanks man, glad you like it. I'll be sure to post new songs in this forum when we record!
Hellohello, I checked out Dangerous Ties, and it was really well produced and put together. I loved the vocals, great great voice. The drummer laid it out pretty nicely too, kudos on that. I'd consider this alternative rock in my opinion, but other than that, sweet song! Also checked out your solo stuff, really love Distant Hats. You can really go far with that voice eh. Looking forward for more. I liked your facebook and gonna subscribe to your youtube!

Emilio; Means a lot. You have crazy guitar skills that I envy. I posted a comment on your youtube video as well.

Username; I am a singer and guitarist. But I'm strictly a frontman for this band. :]
Hey dude! Thanks so much for the crit

I have very little to offer in terms of suggestions for this, it's amazing! The song writing and performance is tight, and the production is equally amazing! Seriously this is some excellent work, I genuinely have nothing to say!

I suppose one tiny gripe I have would be the kick drum. It has a nice click, but it lacks any body or weight to cut through the mix. Although that's probably just personal preference because I like beefy kicks.

Once again man this is some seriously good shit! You guys should be proud
Aaron; Thanks man, if I'm not mistaken the kick is only an 17 or 18 inch? We're lucky to get it to sound like a 20, but when you buy a kit for 60 or so bucks what do you expect, lol. My drummer is godly though, so he can kick ass on anything.

Brain; Thanks for the feedback, and no we don't, but we're coming out with an EP next spring. If you have facebook, "Like" us so you can keep up with that:]
Awesome song! love the chorus and vocals! You guys have a new fan :P
Subscribed on Youtube and liked on FB.
very good, id just classify it as alternative, cause then you can really do anything you want with other songs. Very tight producion my only crit is the vocals could be mixed differently, they just dont seem mixed as well as the rest of the song
Quote by link55588
very good, id just classify it as alternative, cause then you can really do anything you want with other songs. Very tight producion my only crit is the vocals could be mixed differently, they just dont seem mixed as well as the rest of the song

As much as I concur with your statement about the mixing of the vocals. [Because i'm the singer and I've never been a fan of my own voice] I just listened to it a few times and got over it, it grew on me. thanks for the crit though man. glad you like it!
Awesome song, I really enjoyed it! The only thing that kinda 'bothered' me was that the vocals were too loud in my opinion; if they were sitting down a few db I think they'd lock in perfectly with the rest of the mix!

Either way, fantastic!
Let's party.
I really like your song, it's great. It don't listen to punk-rock in general (I just got tired of listening to Sum 41, I know it sounds cliche but punk didn't really interest me by then), but I love your songs. Plus, great vocals.

Check my songs if you want, I'm a beginner and don't know much about music, I'm just trying to let my creativity do the job :

Thank you.
Good luck with your band, you sounds great.