Have a listen and tell me how it sounds. Drums are programmed everything else isn't.

Bass straight into an Alesis Multimix 8.
guitars recorded clean into an Sm58 into the Alesis
Vocals recorded with an AKG perception 120

All Mixed in Reaper.

From what i can hear from my smartphone, this sounds good though the drums really sound electronic. Try different samples/drum kit and play with the dynamics. Other than that, well done.
yeah. working on the samples thing. Currently using "Drumsite" if you've ever heard of it?
I like the hi-hats and the kick is good for cutting through, but the snare is crap and the cymbals could be a little better.

Thanks for listening!
Hey man. You want to crit your mix? Ok. Your mix is great! I just can't imagine to do such a quality in Reaper. Every aspect of the song sounds very tight and professional. Yes, if you improve drum sounds, your track will sounds like a professionaly mastered one, but I can't say that is a problem, cause I am sure you will improve yourself in that area. Great job!

C4C? http://youtu.be/u0hd54ynzUM