Hey I've been looking for the best combo, valve amp in my price range. So far I liked the fender superchamp xD, the vox ac30vr and I hear alot of good comments about the new Marshall class 5. I'd use the amp for small venues when giging and I'm looking for the best amp for tone as I'll buy pedals for it afterwards. I'm mostly a rythem guitarist and I play mostly rock, my lead is fairly bluesy. However I would need to heaveyer occasionally but never as heavy as metal. Any suggestions? Thanks
Buy the amp toms on about,
It'll do what you want and it'll stop him trieing to sell it to everyone in the uk that wants an amp...
Then the forum will be free of his pimping for at least a week!
....and it is really good i just dont want it

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Yeah that Vox AC30VR is not a tube amp,

VHT special 6 ultra,Class 5 is nice, Orange TT combo.

Or buy Toms VC50
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Quote by Tom 1.0
My Laney VC50.

actually would be a good buy and a good amp. be sure to ask him how good it sounds with an EH Metal Muff.