Record them via the midi in for sure.

Once recorded, you can dial in a sound you like with your favourite sample library and you're good to go.

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Recording them via MIDI and then routing that to some type of sampler is for sure the best way. I personally use EZ Drummer.

Another method I used before I had a sampler program was to still start off recording them MIDI, but then I used a function which created a seperate MIDI track for each note in the original recording , In Cakewalk/Sonor I think it's caleld MIDI Notes-to-tracks.
Anyway this puts all your bass kicks on one midi track, all your snares on another and so on. You then enable an audio track for each drum , and solo the corresponding midi track . You then route the ouput of the Vdrum brain to your recording input and you will then get just that drum recorded as audio.

Of course all of this assumes you're using a computer and a DAW, along with an interface that has MIDI.
If you can, hook it up via MIDI and trigger something like Addictive Drums or Superior.

Addictive is probably the best since it's a very small install, sounds great and is extremely flexible and simple to use.

I use an electric drum kit with Superior Drummer and this is the kind of results I get: http://soundcloud.com/rightontime/riff