The playing was great. Good arrangement, but I am not a fan of your singing.

Practice maintaining proper pitch while you sing. An easy way to get started is to play any note on the guitar and emulate the note with your voice. Make sure you hit the correct pitch, maintain it and you're good.
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Hey thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked the playing. Thanks for the tips on singing as well. I didn't really want to hit the pitch though, it was done with intent this time (I like to think so anyway)--I tried to make it more "emoitionally" pure if you know what I mean? I wanted my voice to crack, I wanted it to sound like that, I think it puts a different spin on it.
Seeing vids like these just makes me miss my old acoustic guitar. Anyway, neither the song nor the style is particularly what I'm into, but I think you accomplished your goal in the end for the most part. The playing was pretty spot on too. The only thing that didn't quite mesh well in the end was some of the singing. For the most part, it was done well, but it did feel a little forced at times. It makes me think that if just a few more practice takes were done, it could've been perfect. In the end though, it was quite solid given the style and the goal. Well done.

btw, thanks for the crit.
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Overall it was pretty nice I thumbed up your vid!

Hmm, the playing seemed okay, but you have to work on your singing a bit. Your voice seems naturally good sounding, but work on hitting the right notes and singing a bit higher I guess that's all I could add.

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Ryhee, thanks for the comment mate, always appreciate it.

davidhartley, really appreciate it, I'll keep going and try to improve.

mogar, haha thanks a lot mate! I will work on everything you suggested, and yeah I feel the same way, I'm very anal about the takes too... but I just had enough and settled with this one.

GioNikola, thank you very much, will get to your vid asap.

Andalus, thanks man, I know this may sound strange but really i don't even know what it means to sing "in key"; how do you know if your singing in key??

Any help is appreciated (by anyone who can help me answer this lol, sorry if I sound like an idiot beginner, but I really am).
Hey Mac, not bad, man. The guitar was played perfectly. I can see you're a better guitarist than singer. You're probably a better guitarist than me. So I can answer your question "how do you know if you're singing in key" from guitarist perspective.

When you're singing out of key, it's like you're playing your guitar out of tune. Sounds off. If you use a "chromatic" tuner to tune your guitar, you pluck a note and it shows you what note it is.

The chromatic tuner should also be able to do the same with your vocals... lets assume you've already tuned your guitar. Pluck a note on the guitar and, then try to sing that note into your tuner. If it shows the correct note, you're "in key".

Hope that helped! Actually, your voice sounds quite good, just a bit inaccurate. Keep it up!

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