I'm was looking to buy a guitar for my best guitarist bud for Christmas (who is a A7X fan)
But he HATES Floyd roses, I was out of options... until this came along...

I have seen MANY Synyster Guitars... but nothing like this.


any thoughts?
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I think it looks pretty gay...I guess I need to be politicaly correct..... So I think it looks retarded
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I've played one. Felt cheap, muddy pickups, floyd was horribly set up, neck was sticky, looked gay.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
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I've played one. Felt cheap, muddy pickups, floyd was horribly set up, neck was sticky, looked gay.

Yes... I have a C-1 Blackjack and that shit had the STICKIEST NECK EVER... Was about to sell it until I had a friend strip the entire neck... now it feels like sex
Friends don't let friends play anything like that. Kidding aside, it's very kind of you to be getting your friend something like this, but without knowing what he wants specifically, maybe you should consider a more subtle guitar.
check out the schecter blackjack avenger shape; the headstock is different, but it is floydless and has an ebony fingerboard
We have 2 of these at my shop, and I am constantly fixing them. I can't get over how overwhelmingly bad these guitars are the price. The body is just a neck-thru with wings, the pickups are thin and tinny for anything but metal, the neck feel chunkier than a hellraiser, the frets are rather unfinished, the heel gets in the way of shredding, and it's not even MIA/MIJ!

For $1,000, I would expect a hell of a lot more guitar. This guitar isn't an instrument, it's a marketing strategy. Stay away, stay far away. I have to retune these things nearly every day.
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No don't. Just don't. i've played a few Synysters and let me tell you, because this is one of the most popular schecters around, the quality has now dwindled to a level that is totally unaccebtable, atrocious and utterly embarrassing. Muddy pickups, horrid action [ it was a floyd so adjusting it wasn't an option unless i was ready to shoot myself in the face ] and not to mention that it's the UGLIEST guitar i've ever seen. I'd suggest a Revenger at a cheaper price or for that price, a Strat.

Edit: Ok, i was a little harsh. Here's a more.. "viable" solution: http://www.drumcityguitarland.com/drumcitygl/stores/1/Schecter-DIAMOND-SERIES-Synyster-Gates-Special-Black-2011-6-String-Electric-Guitar-P4746C291.aspx
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