So, 2 years ago I bought my LTD, which was set up by a good friend and tech. Just today, I noticed that my Floyd was tilted upwards toward the lower strings (not spring tension related). So i screwed the left side (from the bottom of the guitar) down to level it off. Will this hurt it at all? I hear alittle more fret buzz, but the strings are also more loose, so thats probably just adjusting w/ old strings.

And, I had to adjust the PUs (the PU's were also tilted the same way the floyd was) to the adjusted degree. How are you supposed to know how far each is supposed to be from the strings? I know how the neck is usually further than the bridge PU.. So any advice?
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The height of the pups is really just up to you. There's no "correct" height. Play around with them until they sound best to you.

As far as the bridge, it just wasn't level. One of the posts was off. Could have been bumped during a string change, or it could have been that way all along and you never noticed it. Now that it's lower you'll probably want to check your action to make sure it's not too low now. Lowering the action shouldn't change your string tension much... maybe check your tuning to make sure the strings didn't slack a bit when you lowered the bridge post.
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