And does the chords in the key matter? couldn't i just use a capo to get a certain key then play whatever chords i wanted?
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first you need to determine your range.

yeah, you could use a capo...or you could learn different voicings of different chords. a capo isn't necessarily the "easy way out", but you might learn a thing or two that would make you a better guitarist if you focused on the voicings rather than bumping the open chords up.

basically, just determine your range and figure out what keys you're good for.
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First, figure out your range. What are the highest and lowest notes you can comfortably sing.

Then, figure out the range of the song. How many notes above and below the tonic are required to sing the song?

You then select a tonic such that the lowest and highest notes are within your range.

So, for example, lets say you have a song which goes from a major third below the tonic to an octave above. That's a pretty wide range for a pop song sung by a guy, but let's roll with it.

And hypothetically, let's suppose your range is from E, up through an octave to the next B.

Can you sing the song in the key of G?

What is the lowest key you can sing the song in? What is the highest?

Once you've determined what keys you CAN sing the song in, you then have to decide which of those keys you want to sing it in, and that depends on a lot of different things (chest voice vs head voice, changes in your timbre across your range, etc.)

As far as whether to capo up or not, that's a question which you want to answer based on the different voicings available to you at different positions and how you're comfortable playing.
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A capo isn't necessary unless you want the ease of playing open chords in a different key. I can't really explain how to figure out the key, but if you can sing it without the guitar it should be roughly the same as figuring out the key of a melody. Use your ears.
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