Haha besides being a hipter;
T shirts graphics
stickers with band logo
tour schedual posters
alternate album cover

Honestly anything with your name on it and PLENTY of variation. show the big wigs your flexible but still have integrity. if they don't like something show em five more types but they have to be YOUR types that how you maintain creative control.Odds are thre not gonnalike half the stuff you put in their so if you put in two band logos or t shirt graphics with wildly ranging influences they might like one over the other but it was you that made them both. WIN WIN thats the game of cat and mouse they play with artist to mold them into what they think sells. If they don't like that plaster every studio in the country till you get signed and if not go to desktop production you can build a good basement studio for about 3000$. just analyze whats the benifit of spending 3000$ on merch to send out to labels when you could already be pumping out CD's...
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A bio, band pictures, any press you've received (articles, reviews, newspaper clippings) some large merch like a t-shirt. Don't include stickers, posters, or any of that other cheap merch because they don't care. The most important thing you need to let them know is that you're going to make them money. They want to see that you have toured or are willing to tour and they want to see that people like your stuff.

However, more and more labels do NOT want you to send them physical press kits. I'd suggest putting together a good EPK for labels to look at. It's easier and cheaper for both parties involved.

Edit: Forgot about that. It's a must.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
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print out a bio on a white piece of a4 is that ok?

Yeah. I want to re-emphasize the part where I said that more and more labels DON'T want you to send them physical press-kits, though...
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