Umm..sorry for the Cl pics..but if I'm looking at this correctly..

Epi Lp (so they claim, cant see HS)

Hss pickup config.


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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Well I reckon they dodged displaying the headstock for a reason. I've never heard of Gibson or Epiphone making HSS Les Pauls.
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The body shape doesn't look right. The cutaway is too short. I'm calling fake.

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It looks like it might have been an Epi LP Junior at some point, but after a Floyd, whatever they did to the cutaway, pickup routes, probably stick-on inlay decals...

It really doesn't matter whether it "is" an Epi or not. Somebody seriously messed it up. Whatever it was to begin with, it's not any more.
try it out in person. if you like it, buy it, if you don't like then don't by it.

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honestly if you got it cheap enough i'd say grab it. That's not something every one can say they have. But again, depends on the price...but i have a thing for odd guitars lol.
+1 on the Kramer

Those Epi models were a train wreck but at the same time something still looks slightly off in those pictures and id say your better off leaving it
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