Hi guys, what's the best metal muff pedal to get for death/tech metal distortion?


If you have to have the Metal Muff get the one with the top boost.

What is your amp and what are you looking to spend?

If you have a terrible amp, you might as well spend the money towards something like a Peavey Vypyr that at least get decent tones.
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The top boost and the EQ on the biggest one is nice, but I did just fine with the nano "pocket" version (the smallest one, about the size of an MXR pedal). However, the location of the switch for the scoop on it was terrible, I bumped it all the time on accident.
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I wrote a review on the Micro Metal Muff. Excellent little pedal for cheap! However if you have a little more cash I would get the full version Metal Muff as it has a 3 band eq to play with rather then a single tone knob.
so is metal muff the best distortion pedal or are there other things that would be better?

thanks for your help guys
RAILhead TUA im telling you.

Metal Muff has to be THE WORST distortion pedal in history. Absolutely hate the shrill crap it produces.
There are other pedals out there that are better but for the price it's not bad like not everyone can afford a Wampler Triple Wreck or Zvex Box of Metal. The best thing to do would be to test one out or get onto Youtube and listen to some demos and decide for yourself because tone is subjective.

I have the Micro Metal Muff for the moment and I like it. I tried a ton out at various stores and found the Metal Muff to be the best. I tried Modtone's Extreme Metal based, the Boss MT-2, the DT Death Metal, MXR and a couple of others and for it's price I was quite impressed. Be your own judge because everyone here will argue for a different pedal from one another.
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so is metal muff the best distortion pedal or are there other things that would be better?

thanks for your help guys

there are better but it really depends on how much you want to spend. in it's price range the EHMM is tough to beat. the big verison has a far better EQ which is key to it's sound. you may want to look at the Digitech Hardwire Metal Distortion or the MXR Fullbore for other options in the same price range.

i have a metal muff myself but honestly not sure if it's br00tal enough for death metal. i found it great for 80s thrash metal sounds. the metal muff has kind of a smooth distortion so be sure to check it out to make sure it's what you want.
I like my EHX Metal Muff. If there's ANY gain from your amp, it'll sound like a fat chick's ass flapping from farts, but if you're on a very clean amp, you can get amazing distortion from it. I was able to pull of Dethklok and Children of Bodom tones on it, along with Metallica and Megadeth.
The EHX Metal Muff is not haf as bad as people say. I use my amps distortion these days with a bad monkey in front, but I have used a Barber Dirty Bomb before, and a Metal Muff before that. The dirty bomb creates a different, more natural sounding distortion, much more like an amp. However there are times that I can't resist digging out the Metal Muff, scooping those mids right back and shredding for 5 minutes, then it goes away again. I wouldn't have it on my board for a live gig, but it is a fun bedroom pedal. If you are going ot use it through anything but a tube amps clean channel it will sound atrocious, don't even think about it if you have a solid state.
at the moment i just run through a desk and JBL speakers... thanks guys sounds like i have some youtube research to do =]