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In general, I prefer bombastic, grandiose music
37 31%
In general, I prefer subtle and subdued music
31 26%
This option
53 44%
Voters: 121.
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Simple question:
Do you prefer bombastic and grandiose music or subdued and subtle music in general?

There will be no option for both, so get over it.

Edit: I'm not talking about volume...
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Like my women.

EDIT: So yeah, subdued.
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Like my women.

Lifeless and cold?
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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
Subdued all the way. But i'll crank the subdued music up.

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I'm gonna go with: Depends
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Like my women.

EDIT: So yeah, subdued.

Entirely based on theory and no real substance?

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In general I'd say subtle, but it really depends on my mood. On a calm, rainy day I could listen to Claude Debussy or Mozart but on other days I like my post-rock, classic rock, etc. Definitely depends on the day and the mood that I'm in.
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I generally go with whatever can swing me more which tends to be easier for more subdued music but it's not out of preference. Just common occurence
Can't work with your thread. Music is spontaneous with me, I need to be in a very specific mindset in order to focus on and enjoy listening to music. My taste varies, but I listen to a lot of more subdued jazz that just exudes cool.
Both, so get over it.
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I don't like songs that take a while to "get in to." By which I mean, if the beginning and middle are boring, repetitive, or just awful and then the ending is amazing, I won't like it. A song has to pull me in immediately and stay consistently good. Speed doesn't matter. Longer, more complex songs are good. Songs that start off slow then get heavy (One-Metallica, Don't Cry-Guns N Roses, A Tout Le Monde-Megadeth, Let it Die-Foo Fighters) tend to be my favorites.

So a bit of everything.
Depends: sometimes a huge and overwhelming sound can really get me going (and I'm not just talking about metal), but other times, something quiet is great. Stuff like The Antlers would be terrible if it had a huge sound.
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I like both, but I probably prefer chill music slightly.
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In general, I prefer bombastic, grandiose music. Although listening to calm subdued music at night is nice too.
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I honestly like both.

I think most of us do. What fun is a poll if everyone chooses the same answer?
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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
I like the kind where I don't get banned.


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Subdued, but I enjoy the grandiose moments when they're done right.

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More subdued for the most part.

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