Dude did you just made this? I really like it! Part around 1:55 is epic, you really need to put a band together! around 3:40 its a really nice riff that fows along! I have really nothing negative to say sir

(its just a gp demo)
first of all, i'd like to emphasise how ****ing jealous i am of your clean sounding recording and great tone. how did you record it?
the composition it self was awesome and really fun to listen to, never a dull moment. your shredding skills are very impressive too some parts really remind me of megadeth or iron maiden, and if you made a band and gigged, i'd definitely be one of your number one fans haha

only criticism is that the drums could be a bit more interesting, rather than the same old 4/4 metal and rock beats

overall, excellent work!
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28574818#post28574818
This is unbelievable, the guitar tones are so clean and perfect, how did you record them? The bass presence is just right too, not overpowering but just enough to boost the guitars. Your lead playing is flawless, a nice mix of shredding and slower parts. The only area of improvement I can see is to perhaps make your riffs a bit more interesting, maybe try out some different time signatures or something. Make the riffs as insane as the lead playing and you're on to a winner!

Here's my track