Im looking for a bright dimarzio single coil sized pick up to go along with an X2N and another hot neck pickup (probably super 2). I have been looking through the dimarzio website and i found the area 58, area 61 and area 67 which have a lot of treble, but im worried because the output level is like 1/5 of the X2N. I know single coils dont have as much power as the X2N but do you think i should go with a single coil sized mini-humbucker like the fast track 1, the cruiser or the chopper?

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as a rule the neck pickup is usually less powerful than the bridge. even if you get a hot-rails style pickup it won't match. pretty sure that a to powerful pup will make the neck sound to muddy.
oh sorry, i forgot to mention it (but its rather obvious since the other two pickups are humbuckers) is going to fit in the middle position.

like the OP says i am looking for a dimarzio because i would like to have all 3 of them of the same color.
I had a Chopper between a PRS HFS and Vintage Bass, their 2nd most powerful pickup set next to the Tremonti sigs, and it held up well. Fast Track 2 might be a little better. You're obviously going to have some volume drop off, but I don't think it'll be too terrible. Probably won't use it that much anyway.
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