I've been looking to get back into drums recently and am looking for a nice acoustic kit. I prefer Tama, always played them back in the day, and I can get them for dirt cheap. I will be recording with this kit and just general jamming so am looking for a nice studio kit that probably won't see much gigging.

tl;dr, Looking for a nice Tama kit, upwards of $1000AU (can get Tama dirt cheap). Any recommendations? Cheers!
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Tama Superstar Hyperdrive is always a good bet, or if you want more punch then go for a second hand Starclassic Bubinga if you can find one. Other than that there isn't really much choice if you're looking only at Tama.
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Tama Starclassic Hyperdrive here i love it. i also have a '92 or '93 Ludwig kit with sequential serial numbers and deep toms that is a fusion set. i also have a vintage Tama 6 pc set that i dont have proper hardware for no room to set it up.

i really like both of them. i have them both set up and go back and forth.

i have had cheaper drumsets, and for the cheaper end i liked my gretsch over my pearl( which was a 9 pc ). gretsch makes some nice drums for not too much $.
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