Hey guys,

I'm in the market for some replacement pickups for my 2008 MIM Fender Jazz.
The stock ones just don't get me that tone that I want. The tone I'm looking for is a nice deep tone with plenty of bass without losing the midrange the Jazz Bass is known for. So a deep/low tone with plenty of bawllzz to cut through the mix.

I play in a hard rock/hardcore band.

There are a few options that I've been looking at: Fender Customshop 60's and Seymour Duncan Quarterpounders

My budget isn't too high and I live in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
It would be nice if the pickups are passive.

Any help is very much appreciated!

*edit* I don't think the Quarterpounders are my thing. Too harsh sounding IMO.
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Dimarzio Model Js sound great, keep a very strong midrange, very good lows, and cut through a band mix like anything
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I was going to say try flat wounds, but maybe you wouldn't want that. area J, or maybe a stack of some sort. Boost your lows some maybe on your amp first with a slight low mid boost, and a high mid boost.
If you can find them Nordstrand NJ4SV or NJ4SE are great for what you need.

If you want cheaper pickups I recommend either the DiMarzio Ultra Jazz or Model J.
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Man, I love Seymour Duncan. The tone on those things are excellent... Haven't had any experience with the Fenders though.