If i connect a blackheart hot head at half power to a bh112 (rated for 75w) would it be safe to assume that i wouldnt be harming my cab?
You usually have to drop the ohms in half when running at half power.

I used to own that cab and if I remember correctly, it only had the option for 16 ohms.

I didn't even know the HH had a half power option.

Therefore, I decided it would be better to be safe than sorry and ask for some more information since there was not a lot of info in the OP on watts and ohms.
^ maybe

To me half power and half the volume are two different things. Half power usually involves pulling two power tubes (of 4) and literally running at half power. I do this with my Splawn. Assuming his Hot Head 100 is similar and he normally runs the head at 16 ohms into a 16 ohm cab then I'm not sure I'd recommend this because he would have to set the amp to 8 ohms. Granted it may work - but it is not ideal. Running a 100w amp head into a 75w cab is not ideal either even if the ohms are matched. It is just not something I would recommend. I recommend a cab that has the same wattage if not more (some say 125%+) capability and a some ohm selections.
the hot head has 4 modes, from gearwire:
It's pretty simple:

Class AB/Pentode: 100W of flesh searing power
Class AB/Triode: 50W, tighter headroom, crisper gain, still hurts
Class A/Pentode: 60W, lots of headroom before overdrive, nice and plucky
Class A/Triode: 30W, less headroom, more responsive to your attack

i am thinking if i restrict it to the 60,50,and 30w settings would i be alright? aslong as i dont touch the 100w setting? i am looking for a 50w or similar amp, something with an effects loop that sounds similar to my handsome devil. I would rather not get a new cab as space is limited, i wouldn't mind getting another bh112 tho i can stack them.
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OK. So here is what you need to find out. In AB/Triode (50w) mode are you supposed to cut your ohms in half? My guess is yes. That would be the common logical requirement.

Are you saying that if you flip the toggle switch to run an amp at half power, you have to switch where the speaker is plugged in? I have the handsome devil and I just switch to seven watt mode and play. Is that wrong? I have never heard of this before. Am I understanding you correctly?
Like I said, he needs to find out. I can't speak to how Blackheart does it. With my amp if I run in Triode at 50 watts I need to cut the impedance (ohms) in half to the cab. My amp has an ohm switch for 4, 8 or 16.
Cool, I gotcha. I know my devil doesn't have a switch, just different plug ins and the manual doesn't say to switch it. I am not meaning to jack the thread, just making sure that i am not screwing up my amp.
^ no issue.....nothing wrong with double checking. That is all I'm trying to do too.

I just read through the user manual and it didn't mention anything about cutting impedance in half when cutting watts in half so I guess it is OK.

To be safe - you can contact Blackheart and ask.

If that is true, then for your amp yes - you can run at 50w into that 75w Blackheart cab and be more than safe.

it doesnt switch ohms when u switch, i think i wil be aright. I looked up in the manual and didnt find anything so i am guessing its good. Would i be correct in assuming i can also switch up to 60w's? if so i think i am gonna spring for it along with another bh112 cab.