a milky thunder poured thus from her eyes and sang a stormy weather
rocket-fuelled midnight barmy wide-eyed schoolgirl tantrum
scrunched up shrivel screech rocked the window into oblivion
wind chimes chinkled in the blaze a wall of sound and noise and hack-static
roared the air with architecture, marble-glazed and hung heavy
off plastic snaps and tacks tapped into raw plugs knackered
sunk deep behind my eyes a volume welled up and grabbed my retina in a fist
and squeezed and a voice whispered gently in a new calm tranquil moment
it’s jessica, ass.
Quote by #1 synth
Spelled wrong, but true nonetheless.

I was thinking more along the lines of Jethro Tull on a bad acid trip.
I appreciate the structureless mess that evokes the exact thing you were going for, but in order for it to be a truly committed piece it needed to be longer and more meaty.

But then again I guess there's not much to say about a topic like this. I disliked the telling title too.

The style and wording were a treat none the less, despite the hollow subject.
This is not a pipe