Whatsup guys. Im going to be getting are pair of EMG pickups (81/60) Im debating whether to put them in my Gibson les Paul studio deluxe or my epiphone les Paul standard. I love my gibson for its incredible tone that I just can't get out of my epiphone.

If I put them in my epiphone will it sound bad? If I put it in my Gibson am I wasting its beautiful tone?
Some insight would be much appreciated
Well which guitar do you want to have active's in really depends on the person.
if you love your Gibsons tone, put them in the Epiphone.

That way you defo improve the Epiphones tone and keep your Gibsons "awesome" tone.

If you then dont like the way it sounds, you could just swap all the electronics from the Gibson into the Epiphone and vice versa.

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put the emgs in the epiphone. it'll hugely improve their tone and youll keep the gibsons awesome tone! i know what you mean by the awesome tone, i love my les paul studio!
If you really do love your Gibby's tone, don't tinker with it. Put the EMGs in your Epiphone. I hear EMGs very similar no matter which guitar you put them in. I think it's something to do with the preamp.


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Shouldn't need to reason with you to help you see the pros of putting them into the Epiphone. You can always hold on to the Epi electronics and put them back in later or keep em for spare parts.
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