Before anyone gets started, let's just put this out there.

A conversation is not name calling. Being an avid Incubus fan, it is a given that some people are going to say "their new stuff sucks, what happened to S.C.I.E.N.C.E"

This thread is for talking about how well they change their sound and evolve over the years, not to debate which is better because an open ear hears everything clearly.

I really enjoy the new stuff because it's craftsmanship for the song as apposed to the musicianship and grit. Their guitar player went and studied music at Harvard for a couple years and came back to release their most recent album.

If you watched their evolution from stoner teenagers to mature composers, you will notice a profound change.

Any thoughts?
Well being a stoner teenager myself that's the kind of music I want to hear.

But there's already an Incubus thread.
Don't get me wrong, but we don't need another S.C.I.E.N.C.E or Morning View. They've matured and they have a very different perspective on life now than they had 10 years ago.

I think it's great when a band does whatever they feel like doing instead of reusing the same old formula over and over again. This is why Incubus never bores me, their music is an inspiration to me and it is without a doubt very diverse. I like that.
Being my favourite band, I'm very opinionated about them. It's not easy hearing people say they only like their old stuff because they're missing out on a lot of great music.

They have taken a more song-driven approach to their music as opposed to flat-out showmanship which was evident in their work even on Light Grenades. But I'm really enjoyed that approach. The song Promises, Promises is one that's taken a lot of heat, but I adore it. I really do. I reckon it's one of the best songs they've ever written. The melody, the chords, everything is just sublime.

That said, I miss them getting their testicles out and rocking hard. I hope they can incorporate the best of both approaches into their next album

And one more thing, the bass on Adolescents is sick. That growling, intermittent riff during the verse is killer.
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I like the fact that they evolve and what-not, that's what people and music do together. But I guess I would have liked to see them branch in another direction...their latest album hasn't struck a chord with me yet. Nothing with writing with a song-driven approach...but I kinda miss the balls they used to have.
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I have not heard the entire new album front to back. However I had the opportunity to see them live this year, again, for like 7th time.

Hearing the new songs live, was an an experience that really rocked me because it was them in front of me pouring the souls out instead of leaving me to my own devices.

It really didn't allow me to have an opinion because there was so much energy to it.

I still haven't seen them perform "deep inside" or "summer-romance" though.