I know I dont HAVE to, I just want to, so it will look nice.
I wouldn't think Tung oil would be hard enough to use on a fretboard, it would wear through pretty quick
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Purpleheart goes brown in sunlight, you are best using a UV blocking finish.

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I used tung oil on my entire guitar, including fretboard, on my most recent build. Granted, the fingerboard is scalloped so it doesn't see a lot of action, but the whole guitar; neck, body etc. is silky smooth and very appealing to the touch. Back of the neck is easy to shift positions on and all that good stuff. Second pic shows the semi-gloss look you can get with tung oil...I dig it, personally. Very durable for the year or so that I've had it on there, good looking, etc. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't.

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