Hey guys, I am looking for a new guitar, I am looking for something great under like 1500 us at the most. I am looking to play some metal and deathcore. Something with a floyd rose. I am quite interested in the esp guitars. I am looking at the ESP LTD KH606 and the ESP MII but the mII is pricy
thanks.. ps what would you prefer?
LTD EC-1000 FR Love it. Not the same style though.....
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I tend to stay away from artist models as you are paying more for the name on the guitar. check out the esp H series. double cutaway and you can find some with Floyd trems. Esp is a pretty solid guitar and won't break your account, probably be able to get an esp not an ltd for under 1500, depending on whether you want brand new or barely used. Going used can save you a ton of money. Best of luck
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Edit: What he said ^

Do you care what shape the body is?
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