hi all

spotted a few of these in classifieds recently, look lovely - looks like a really nice maple neck on this model...

SD pups?

question is, it's korean made, is it actually any good? or just a mod'd cheapo?
Judging by how good the Light Ash Strat is: they're great. The only thing I've replaced on mine are the tuners (the stock ones aren't bad, it's just that Sperzel's are better ). All things considered, it's a very good guitar with pretty unbeatable value for money.
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The lite ash series are very good instruments, quite well made. Definitely worth a try! The only thing I didn't love about them is that the finish on the neck is glossy and can feel like plastic until it's worn in properly (a little sanding can help the process).
Really like my LA Tele, actually prefer it over my Baja Tele. It just feels really well put together and it's nice and solid. Don't like the birdseye neck that much, but thats a small complaint. If you can get a good price I'd say it's probably one of the best non-US Teles around
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In terms of Asian guitars I've always went by (THIS IS IN GENERAL, NOT DEFINITE) Japan>Korea>India>China so Korean is pretty good. I have a guitar from there.

I'd rate china above india tbh.
You do get some good chinese guitars like the classic vibe squiers.
Iv'e got a fender light ash Korean tele. It's been my first proper fender and iv'e been impressed so far, the tone of both pickups is good and mine was set up pretty well when i got it. The only dodgy thing about it though is that recently im finding that if i take my hands off of any metal parts of the guitar a hissing sound starts. it's not the amp or lead either as my other guitars work fine. So yeah, overall it's been good but probably best to properly check it out before you buy anything
(also anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?)