Is there a way to get to learn the strumming patterns to a song? I feel like im playing chords/tabs and there not sounding the same as the record due to the strumming and timing. Please if there are any ways in improving. Thanks
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I don't know what's gonna help, but carefully listening to the song will absolutely not help you understand the strumming pattern...
Get your chords clean, be sure each note is ringing, work on your tempo..
i dont know what kind of answer you expect.. it is always practice..

However, I also remember as a beginner getting frustrated to tabs made by complete idiots..
there is stuff out there that is incredibly wrong.. trust your ear and try to find good tabs, then practice.
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First off, internalize the beat/underlying pulse by tapping your foot. It's so important to lock in with the song first.

Always keep a constant up and down motion with the strumming hand, even if you're not hitting the strings on certain strokes. It will help you to keep good time. That's not to say you're out of time however, I'm sure it's fine.

With regard to the pattern, it's really hard to help without a song to reference to.
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If i listed some songs would you tell me the pattern?

Go ahead and list them, I'll give it a go.

To add to the post about keeping an up and down rhythm even if you are not hitting the strings, also take note of where some strokes are muted. Also, try imagining the strumming pattern slowed down, and play it at half speed first.
there are guitar taps provided with chords along with strumming,it's in .jpg or other image format.i think it better to start with that and after that, you'll willing to play on yourself style~ it's cool ha~~
buy Justin Sandercoe two strumming DVDs (strumming for beginners & intermediate method)
follow them very well
they are very useful and you will not use anything else
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LEARN the song.... Just like with singing a cover, you have to listen to it until you memorize the Lyrics and melody/rhythm. Well, listen to the darned song until you memorize the rhythm of the strumming. No need to do nonsensical things like tapping your foot or over-analyzing the track... Just learn the song. :/