Heyy, ok so this is for my bassist. He's after a new bass in the next few months, and sadly for a bassist he doesn't know a great deal about basses, (neither do i).

Basically I told him i'll ask on here to see if anyone can help him out!

He wants a 4 string bass around the budget of £200, can go over or whatever.
He favours a maple neck, and our bands sound is that similar to Parkway Drive, While She Sleeps, The Devil Wears Prada, all of the hardcore/melodic hardcore/metalcore kinda bands. We play in Drop B so he'll want one that can handle chunky ass strings with good action.

Oh and he really really likes fender bass's, idk why, but if that helps, then.. so be it!

If you need anymore information let me know and i will provide, but please help my friend buy a decent bass! ( his current one is pretty terrible D; )

thanks a lot,
hmm, that is such a nice bass and he said he really likes it too,.. but we need more of a bass in the price region of £200, probably biggest stretch would be 250-270, but not really much higher than that D;
Get him a Peavey 5 String bass, that's what I play, and can honestly say it would be awesome for your type of music. Drop tuning to B on the bass is going to give him a very muddy sound, wheras a 5 string would have just as much "snap" on the B as it would an E on a 4 string. Seriously I would.
Get a second hand squier
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Yeah, second hand Squier string will be your best bet, and put the first 4 strings from a 5 string.
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have him go try out a few. but like this in priorities-

1- sturdiness/feel
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Try the 70's modified Squire Jazz bass. That's what I always used before I got my ESP. It has a maple neck (and body), and could definitely give you the right tone that you're looking for... Very versatile bass.