I'm gonna be getting an alder plank and am looking for either a strat style or something similar life size replica. I would use it to trace the lines onto the wood because my art skills a lacking to say the least. If anyone knows where i can download or buy something like this, ill give you a big hug :P
You need more than just an outline. You need some guidance in where the pickups go, the neck pocket which includes depth and width. You need a template. There are numerous ones online with some being rip-offs. I have listed the one that I have experience with and they have great templates. Pick what you want and then have fun building. MAKE SURE YOU PICK THE RIGHT ONE. Some are "neck through" templates and others are "bolt on"

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this is EXACTLY what i was looking for. THANK YOU! I knew someone here would know where to find this. You sir, get a hug haha