Im looking for a a tube amp, for about £200. ill be selling my current amp and i reckon ill get about £70 from that so about £200 - £300 approx. I play alot of music, mostly metal and hard rock. I love bands like foo fighters, the beatles, arctic monkeys, metallica, megadeth, slayer, august burns red, guns n roses, sikth, animals as leaders, led zeppelin etc. so a very wide spread music taste. I currently have a Fender MIM Blacktop strat (HH), a boss me50 and a line 6 spider iv 30. Ive looked at the peavey valveking 112 but its a bit expensive if im buying a speaker to replace the stock one and its a bit loud. I looked at the Blackstar HT-5H and it looked nice, obviously id boost it with my me50. The Jet City JCA20H looked cool and so did the JCA2112RC, but again, id boost it. One im not sure about is the Peavey Vypyr tube 120. Its going to be very loud and im not sure about modelling amps, but if its good enough, i could get an attenuator. Feel free to expand on any of these amps or reccomend more! I will be buying in january, and i dont really want to save up, i cant stay with this gear for longer! Thank you for helping.
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If you want a tube amp your gonna need to throw out a bit more cash bud, or go for a solid state amp, i guess the best advice would be to look around your store and see what is in your budget...
the ValveKing is really nice, although, the 212 is even nicer. They weigh as hell though, but sound really good. The most important thing to know is how old the tubes are if you're buying a used one. It really sounds like crap now that the tubes have gone, and I have had it for half a year. So check the overall condition and the age of the tubes, and get a used ValveKing IMO.
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About the loudness; all those amps have a master volume afaik.

Jet Citys are recommended here every now and then, and might work for you. Haven't tried them though.

Valvekings sound rather okay if you use them with an EQ pedal. But of course, better speaker, new valves etc will make it sound really good.

If you can find one, a used Peavey Ultra combo will suit you nicely. Not sure if they're common in the UK though.

The HT-5 is not much to hang in your christmas tree, so to speak. It's boring, and if you're gigging, it will not do the trick.

I'd say, save up to a little more. And don't spend your money on a solid state amp. In that price range, you'll just be dissappointed, and have less money to buy a better with.
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JCA2112RC is a good choice, the Bugera V22 is also worth looking into. Yeah, boosting for some of the tones you are looking for is a good idea, so is a speaker-swap at some point down the road. Do yourself the favour of playing the amp for a couple of weeks before deciding on new speakers though. So basically you've got it all figured out already.
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Ebay is the way forward, and music radar classifieds for the UKers.

For the bands youd play id look for something britishy, orange, laney, traynor etc.



Aor/protubes are like hot rodded jcms, should suit you well.