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I have noticed other threads where people complain about the range how it goes from loud to quiet very quickly. Would I help to run the pedal first in the chain? Should I have gotten the Active Volume Pedal?
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No, you should not have gotten the active version. IIRC there is a sweep adjustment switch located in the pedal. If you are having a problem you should try adjusting it. I have an EB and haven't noticed any sweep issues. Maybe I should flip the switch and see if it causes a problem.

Your post seems to indicate that only other people are having a problem and not you. If it works fine why are you questioning it?
1. Yes, there is a switch (kinda inside the pedal, by the output jacks) to change how to sweep of the pedal works.

2. Are you personally having issues?
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I run mine first in my chain. For me, it gives me more of the characteristics of the volume knob on my guitar. When I have overdrive on, turning the volume pedal down a little cleans it up. I ran it at the end of my chain and it lowered the volume more than cleaned up the tone.
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I didn't notice the question about first in the chain. What crzysnow said is correct. However not having a buffered pedal between the guitar and volume may result in some tone suck. You will have to decide based on how it sounds to you.