I recently (2 hours ago) acquired a red Peavey T-60 with original case, and parts, with only 3 dings and a crappy practice amp and cable for $75. I like the T-60 and kind of always wanted one, but feel it might be a better idea to sell it at this time. Anyone know how to date, or price these things?
You'd probably have to hit Peavey up with the serial number and a description of the guitar to get an accurate date. The original T60 was a remarkably good guitar with features far in advance of the competition back in the late 1970s. It was (I believe) the first guitar made with CNC machines so the consistency was spot-on. The older ones have developed quite a cult following over the years, so there is a market for them. However, don't expect to get a lot of cash for it. Even a first-generation T60 in immaculate condition is not likely to bring more than US$400.00, and probably less than that. I'd hang onto it, play it, and enjoy the living shit out of it!

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Well seeing as I paid $75 including an amp, and I buy and sell music gear to make money while I'm in school, I think it's a job well done. But GOD DO I WANT TO KEEP IT!

It's gorgeous in red with a perfectly yellowed maple neck, the chrome, humbuckers, and knobs have zero pitting or wear, and look like it was assembled today. Only a dent in the tip of the head stock, and two inch dents on the side, invisible from the front.
my GC has one for $175 in pretty decent shape. could use a setup but played and sounded ok.