So I just played this guitar today, and I was completely blown away. As soon as I get enough money I'll be picking one of these bad boys up.

The neck is perfect for my tastes, not to wide, not to thin, not to thick. It was perfect in every way.

I got everything from that bluesy twang, to some nice high gain tone. That being said, once I do pick one of these bad boys I'll probably change out the pickups to something a little less twangy and noisy. But I still love it.

Another thing, this guitar is absolutely beautiful. One of the nicest looking guitars I've seen in awhile. The Sunburst finish with the white binding just looked beautiful to me.

I was actually saving up for a used '94 American Standard Tele, but after playing this guitar, I know I'll be buying this instead. The difference between the two was incredible. Sure the American Standard was nice, played well, but it didn't give me the feeling that this Squier did. Needless to say, I'll be calling the guy I was planning on buying from and tell him I don't need it anymore.

I haven't been this excited about a guitar in a long time. I'm extremely excited to pick one up.

Here's some nudes for you guys,

Has anyone else had any experience with these guitars? If so post your thoughts and opinions about it.
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They are surprisingly nice guitars. A lot of people slag off the quality of Chinese made guitars but Fender really hit the nail on the head with their Squier range. I myself own a classic vibes 50s strat which has BKPs in it and it actually beats my friends American standard in sound (mostly because it's a decent slab of Alder)
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The classic vibes are really good. My tele was perfect out the box pretty much setup wise which shocked me a tad for a MIC guitar.
I think i want some ballsier pups in it though (i don't mean humbuckers but ballsier tele pups if ye get me)
I'm jonesing (GASing) for one in butterscotch. With coupons and discount on musician's friend they're around 300 bucks right now. Not much at all considering all the good things I'm hearing about them. The Customs are about $30 more.
the squier classic vibes are excellent for the money. the finishes feel a little plasticcy for my liking but other than that, they are very nice.

i gotta get me one of those CV teles made of pine at some point
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Oh lord. That's probly even more gorgeous than the white one. Might aswell get one for christmas