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Walk In The Park
0 0%
2 33%
Octobre Evening
1 17%
Blade Forth
0 0%
The Life of a Bonobo is a Bitch
1 17%
If I Get Too Damn High (I Cry Just a Little)
0 0%
Swim Gloria
0 0%
0 0%
Ta Aymo
1 17%
1 17%
Voters: 6.
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I really need help determining which direction I should go with my music. I currently have over 200 files on my logic that are just song ideas and i need to start making full length songs.

I have made instrumental electronic music, music with vocals, and mashups and im not sure which would be the best project to pursue. please listen and vote on your favorite song and maybe it will give me an idea of where i should go. thank you.

dont feel like you need to listen to every track, but please listen to a few, they are short. Thanks.


C4C of course! (leave a link)
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So I listened to all of them and I must say that I really prefer Golina over the other tracks, they are all good but that one really stuck out to me.

As far as which direction to go in I would say just do whatever you're the most comfortable with.

great songs
I listened to 2 songs. "Walk in the Park": sounds really nice, but I feel it should be developed into a longer song with further melodies. I certainly like what you have though. Same with "Golina", I like that vocal sample thing: curious how you did that/what software/hardware was used for that. A bit short, but cool! Please review my music at this link:

Seyloh- start was nice, but that hip-hoppy synth not for this song, 1:00 part sound chilled, with bell, nice
Ta Aymo - nice relaxing beat, and women voice fit perfectly, this really have some potential if you work on it
Beneath - dunno, doesn't sound nice after ta aymo , too happy =) song, some hip hop synths=)
Swim Gloria - this voice distracts the atmoshpere of chill
Blade Forth - the melody is nice, but the synth is too pluck'y in my opinion, too much autotune on vox, or how do you call such effects
Octobre Evening - no idea what to say, not fan of such genre
Walk in the park - starts kinda relaxed, but some sample really distracts like @ 0:23, 25,28...

If you can, plaese review my songs

Golina was just magic dude! Deserves alot more views! Alot more impressive than skrillex! What program did u use to write it? Walk in the park also got this magic mood, the songs shuld be way longer! I think you shuld mix some of your songs together to make 1 longer, since they flow really well.