I really like the tom groove that runs during the intro. Nice pattern and hits, it really sets a cool atmospheric vibe for the track. I thought it was really chilled until the part after the leads when the distorted riffing started. Very chaotic passages here but I like it, sort of an in flames feel to some of it as well. I have to say the middle part where the track reaches a break with the basic clean guitar is one of my favorite parts. I enjoy sudden dynamic changes like that in instrumental tracks. I'm not sure I heard any distinct bass passages throughout, but it could have just been buried in the mix. Also, an epic track like this needs a more powerful ending note!! Haha give that last hit some force.

Really nice setup and playing here. You have great timing and I enjoyed listening to this, keep it up!!
Nice one!
hello fellow prog/experimental composing guitarist.
i really like the ideas in you piece- the chill intro is nice and laidback, and when the little jam things like at 1:25 come one, i love it. the transition to the metal riff at around 2:00 sounded a little too absrupt, mainly due to the fact that the drums didn't fill as the section ended, and the guitar tones just suddenly changed. however, the next few sections are awesome, and i love how you move back to a strings-ish section at around 3:40. these sections are awesome in that they allow the beat and tickness to steadily build up.

overall, mad song, and nice use of experimental chords and intervals and transmissions.
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