I know UG gets Shitloads of these threads by the day but I need to make the final decision for my friend's christmas present (yea, I can afford that shit... cheap assholes)

Neckthru (atleast feel) or great fret access
TOM Bridge
Passive pickups because we both have had horrible experiences with EMG pickups


Schecter Hellraiser Avenger

Any Disadvantages? Advantages?
How are the EMG 89s??
Any other suggestions? ...

... thanks
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Well the Schecter has actives, but the 81tw/89 combo is the the 81/85 except both can be split. I'd go for the LTD out of every one of their guitars, including the cheap ones being better than most other guitars in their price range. Plus that finish will get you laid. And it has some killer pickups.