straight to the chase...I want a new guitar before holidays and I was browsing around...two guitars got my eye. gibson les paul studio 50s tribute(the one with humbuckers in goldtop) and prs se 245 tobacco sunburst...both guitars around 700-750.if any one that knows or preferably has used these instruments could tell me a little about their pros and cons...thanks for your time.note that my budget is around 750 so any other close suggestion is also welcome.thanks again
What music styles do you play?
Will you buy used?
What other equipment do you own?
Marshall JVM210H
Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cab
well I play mostly metal but i often have fun improvising on bluesy themes...i suppose i could buy used though i am kind of anxious about it.
about my other gear, i play through a simple marshal 30watt(kind of attached to it) using a digitech rp355 to get the sounds i want.note i am located in europe