I wanted to know if there is a possible way to get some sort of easy way to get the bar to be a little more like a floyd.

The reason really is that this thing is on a stand low to the ground and it just bangs around on the ground so I always take it out which brings me to the next reason, I can slide it out with little effort at all and I really hate using it and the bar just slips out like I'm tearing a piece of paper (Bad comparison, I know).

Is there any way I can easily get this to either stay upright like a Floyd can, or just someway that the damn thing isn't wobbling all over the place.
If you depress the bar down there is a little grub screw 2 or 2.5mm at the back to tighten the play in the bar.
You should be able to adjust the height of the bar and the torque of the bar as well.
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